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House Manager
Costume Mentor: Mean Girls JR

Laura's love of theater started in 7th grade in a small community theater in Illinois and continues thru high school where she learned "backstage" (aka tech) then in college doing some singing in a small group performance company. She started volunteering at Four County Players in Barboursville when her children were cast in a show 18 years ago and hasn't stopped since! Loving clothes and really making characters come to life and providing that key that sometimes turns an actor into "feeling" like they become someone else is what drives her love of costume design. There is nothing more thrilling to a costumer's heart then that moment when someone puts on something and "BECOMES" that outward manifestation of the character that they have been been playing. It's magical and gives goosebumps every time. Laura had been on stage and off doing everything from Directing to stage managing with everything in between at Four County Players, Live Arts and DMR. She loves to see the excitement of live theater and is thrilled to be at DMR helping kids gain knowledge and teaching this craft of costuming and character building.

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