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We are SO excited about bringing back Broadway at the Paramount again this year!

Please fill out this form by April 10th so that we understand your conflicts and commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Broadway at the Paramount?

Broadway at the Paramount is DMR Adventure’s year-end showcase celebrating our shows and programs, along with our season announcement. This event features Broadway and local performing artists, and over 100 DMR students in two performances, celebrating arts education. Hosted at The Paramount Theater in downtown Charlottesville, it offers a chance for students to perform alongside a Broadway Guest Artist and peers, culminating in a unique showcase. The program includes scenes and songs from productions like Finding Nemo, Mean Girls, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and more. Special performances by our JTF Troupe and YAS! Youth After School participants are also highlights. The event supports our mission by raising funds for our scholarship program.


What is the time commitment?

The commitment varies based on student interest and availability. Students from the 2023-2024 season will rehearse their show's number in assigned slots. Additional participation in group numbers like the Act 1 Opener, Closer, and Finale requires extra rehearsals per the schedule. All participants must be available on May 18th for both 2 PM and 7:30 PM shows, except for YAS! students only performing with YAS!.


What are the rehearsal dates and times?

Check the schedule below.

What if I/my child didn't participate in a MainStage show or a program that has a performance listed?

If you were sent an invitation but weren't in any of the productions listed on the form, you will be asked to perform in our two all company group numbers! 

Where is Broadway at the Paramount?

Rehearsals take place at the Belmont Arts Collaborative (221 Carlton Rd) until May 16th. Dress rehearsals and performances are at The Paramount Theatre (215 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA).


How much does it cost to participate in Broadway at the Paramount?

Participation is free. However, we encourage contributions for meals and snacks for the cast and crew during the event, as well as contributions to our scholarship program.


How many people participate in Broadway at the Paramount?

Last year, approximately 150 participants, including staff and students, were involved. This year, we already have 108 students enrolled!


Who can participate?

Any student involved in our 2023-2024 programming can join. MainStage participants will perform a number from their show, YAS! students will showcase their work, and JTF will present their 15-minute piece. Adventure Show & Summer Camp students can join in one of the three large group numbers.


What is the red carpet, and is it optional?

The red carpet event is a celebratory feature of Broadway at the Paramount, taking place between the Saturday performances. It is an optional but delightful experience where students, audience members, and staff are invited to dress in their finest or most fun attire and walk down the red carpet. This provides an opportunity for special photo moments, serving as a wonderful memento of the event and a way to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our amazing students.


What is the detailed schedule for performance day?

Saturday May 18

11:00 am - staff call time

12:00pm - student call time

1:00 pm - lobby opens

1:30 pm - house opens

2:00 pm - SHOW

3:45 pm - SHOW END

3:50-4pm - sign out

4-5pm - Staff dinner break

5:15pm - sponsor gathering, meet and greet with staff, sponsors, graduates and special guest artist
6:00 pm - Red carpet opens

6:30 pm - final get together on stage, lobby open

7:00 pm - house opens

8:50pm - performance ends

9:00pm-10:00pm - clean up and strike

*Group #s refer to the two ALL Company numbers (Believer and Act 2 Closer)
If you were not a part of any of our MainStage shows, JTF, or troupes, you'll be in the
Group Numbers (those two numbers are bolded below)


BATP= Broadway at the Paramount

BAC= Belmont Arts Collaborative - our home base at 221 Carlton Road

RBYE= Right Before Your Eyes (Opening number for BATP featuring our troupes, staff and Matthew Steffens)

Believer = I’m a Believer - Act 1 Closing number, featuring troupes and includes the entire company

Act 2 Closer = A combo of “Beauty and the Beast” and “So Long, Farewell”, the finale for BATP. The entire company will be in this closing number

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