Int/Adv Teen/Adult Jazz with Geri

7th Grade +

Sept 20 - Oct 25

SU, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Intermediate/advanced teen/adult jazz - 7pm - 8pm - this class will be faster paced than the 6pm class, delving into more advanced combinations. Participants in this class should be able to do double pirouettes, chainee' turns, basic jete leaps, etc.

You could use the 6pm class as a good review/warmup for this class.

This session is 5 weeks: Sept 20 &. 27, Oct. 11, 18 and 25.
There is no class on Oct. 4.

Important things to know about this class!

1. This is a brand new experience and will require patience and understanding from all of us!
2. BAND is the main form of communication outside the “Zoom Room” you must check for regular communications (you can set this to notify you via the app, phone or email).
3. You will need to have a designated “virtual theater” space for your child(ren) to be during Zoom Rehearsals. It should be a quiet space free of other distractions (pets, video games, etc)
4. Each participant will be responsible for filming segments of this show and uploading them to us in order to compile into our final show!
5. All materials will be delivered via digital link to download to your devices or print yourself.


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