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Detailed Schedule

Junior Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical (3rd-6th Grades) at Studio D

3rd-6th Grades

Sept. 16-Oct. 21

Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 (Studio D)


Camila Nolte

These classes are for dancers who love to dance and have fun! Class will focus on building skills, flexibility and conditioning while fostering confidence, self expression and fun!

This combo class will focus on Ballet technique, flexibility and expression while building confidence with attention on expression, grace and poise. “Lyrical” dance refers to the style of dance that uses contemporary music, in which the music influences the movements. Includes: barre exercises,stretches,center work and movement across the floor. In jazz students will practice isolations,traveling steps,turns with fun choreography, including Broadway, Hip hop and technical Jazz. Moves and music are always age appropriate!

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily and closed-toe shoes. You are encouraged to wear ballet or jazz shoes.

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