Musical Read-Through Drop In: The Mystery of Custodia

3rd - 12th Grade

Monday, December 21, 12:30 PM-1:45 PM EST

Join Melissa (and possibly some other DMR Staff and interns) as we bring back our popular read-through series! We're introducing titles that we're interested in producing, and we'd love to get student feedback!

This drop in class requires no homework and no advance knowledge of the play! Roles are randomly assigned. You'll be reading via screen share and listening (and perhaps singing along) with the music.

You'll receive a link to join us on Zoom, either with your email confirmation or in a separate email from Active (

Synopsis of The Mystery of Custodia
Hi-Mount School is in crisis! Mr. Humphrey, the school janitor mysteriously stopped showing up, leaving Drama Teacher Ms. McGery to take up his place. Beloved Lunch Lady Linda has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and there’s a mysterious wallet with some disturbing notes found in Custodia!

When Drama Club member (and amateur sleuth) Foster has to bring the dead classroom goldfish down to Custodia–a mysterious area of school where janitors roam and rumors abound–she gets more than she bargained for when she takes up the case! Enlisting the help of her fellow drama club members, and trying to hold the meddlesome school reporter at bay, Foster tries to solve the greatest mystery of them all: The Mystery of Custodia.


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