Shakespeare Slam (Teen Conservatory)

Grades 7-12

August 17-29

M/W/F 5PM-7PM+

Our Teen Conservatory has been crafted to challenge and inspire our most advanced/oldest students.

Students will work with guest artist and professional actress/physical storyteller (Regan Sims), music director (Xavier Taylor), and director/ mentor (Celena Cox) to create a student-driven, one-person show (or duo performance) based on Shakespeare's Sonnets. Students will act as performers, but will also collaborate as designers and directors for other performance pieces. Students will prepare and present their shows as a collective in a live virtual production on August 29 at 7PM.

Students will explore the language of Shakespeare, delve into design, including sound design (through jazz or opera), as well as other areas of design (costume, set, props) and learn about the collaborative process in creating a unique story through the inspiration of other artists and writers.

Students will attend 6 group classes, a tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and will rehearse outside of classes via private instruction with our teachers or with members of their student groups.

This is an intensive camp for grades 6-12.
Classes will take place via Zoom technology. Students will receive online instruction and will take several breaks!

INVITATIONS will be sent out to current students, or you may request a virtual audition. If you are a current student and interested in an invitation, or someone NEW to DMR who would like to submit an audition, please email

Class times are:
M/W/F August 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28 from 5PM-7PM
Private lessons and small group sessions will be scheduled as schedule allows.
Tech Rehearsal Saturday, Aug. 29 from 1-3PM
Dress Rehearsal Saturday, Aug. 29 from 5-7PM
Performance on Saturday, August 29 at 7PM


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