Stand and Deliver - Stand up Comedy Class

6th - 9th Grade

Oct 1 - Nov 5

TH, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM EDT

Have you ever wanted to be a smart alec and not get in trouble for it? STAND AND DELIVER will teach you how to turn your snarky moods into stories and jokes you can use to make your friends and family laugh. Stand-up comedy does not just magically spring from talent. Just like with plays, there is a process for creating stand-up comedy. This course will teach you how to come up with funny ideas, how to transform them into comedy, and how to perform your comedy in front of an audience.

Along with our group classes, each student will receive two 30 minute private lessons.

The Virtual Showcase of the class will have each student perform 5 minutes of stand-up comedy.

Classes will take place over Zoom technology.

The class will be led by Ray Smith.


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