DMR Adventures COVID-19 Safety Protocol and Policy 


Will the DMR staff be vaccinated?

All of our summer camp staff members have been fully vaccinated.  

Will my child need to wear a mask all day?

All students and staff members are required to wear a mask while in the building. Masks are also required outside when proper social distancing cannot be maintained. 

How will DMR safely separate groups of students for contact tracing?

For programs with larger casting requirements, students will be assigned groups or "pods",  in which they will participate with the same students every day for the duration of the camp.  

For programs with a smaller capacity, there will be no crossover or mixing of students in different camps.

What will student drop-off look like?

All students participating in DMR summer programming will be temperature checked and participate in a daily wellness questionnaire.  Any student that reads a temperature of 100.4 F or greater will not be allowed to participate in the program until a negative COVID-19 test is obtained.

What if someone in the camp is exposed to COVID-19?

We expect our students and their families to be open and honest about their exposure to COVID-19.  In the event that a student or a student's family is exposed, that student must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result dated at least 5 days after the exposure.  All exposures should be reported to DMR Adventures by calling (434) 227-4710 as soon as possible. 

Will students be eating lunch at camp?

Students enrolled in half-day camps (9-12, 1-5pm, etc), will not be given a meal break.  Students enrolled in half-day camps should eat before or after camp.  

Students enrolled in all-day camps (10-4pm, etc) will be given a meal break in which they will eat socially distant outside.  In the event of poor weather, DMR staff will arrange a space indoors in which students can eat while maintaining social distancing.

Does DMR provide lunch for students involved in all-day camps?

DMR does not regularly provide lunches for students.  Depending on the availability and interest, DMR sometimes offers a meal plan provided by local restaurants that can be purchased separately prior to the camp start date. 

What will student pick-up look like?

When picking up students, parents or guardians should maintain social distancing outside of the building until students have sanitized their hands and been released.  Parents and family members should not enter the building unless escorted by a DMR staff member.  

Will I get to see my child perform in-person?

At this time, there are no in-person performances for family members to attend.  All summer camp perfomances will be pre-recorded and made available to families after camp.  In the event that it becomes safe, DMR looks forward to hosting outdoor performances. 

Will camp be outside?

If the program curriculum allows for it, students may participate in outdoor activities.  We recommend that students come to camp with proper sun protection and a refillable water bottle.​

What happens if someone in the camp tests positive for COVID-19?

In the event that someone in the camp tests positive for COVID-19, all participants and their families will be notified and camp will continue in a virtual format.  

How is the facility being cleaned?

DMR Staff follow a disinfection schedule that involves cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces that students and staff come into contact with, including but not limited to doorknobs, chairs, desks, tabletops, restroom facilities, writing utensils, etc...

Disinfection occurs one hour before camp begins, in-between morning and afternoon camps, and before leaving the building. 

Can my child take a mask break?

Students will be given breaks where they can stand socially distant in designated areas to remove their mask and drink water.  If a student must remove their mask for any reason, they will be escorted outside by a staff member, where they may remove their mask once socially distant from all other students and staff.