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Tickets for
Seussical KIDS

Broadway at the Paramount &

Singing in the Rain

Coming Soon!

Our pricing model at the Belmont Arts Collaborative, like most of our classes and programs is based on an accessible model, rather than a set price for age or location in the space. You may be familiar with the terms "sliding scale" or "pay what you can/will."  Please choose the price point that is right for you/your family/your financial requirements. If all price points are out of reach, feel free to contact and we will work on a solution!

Please note that pricing models at other venues may be more traditional/in line with the policies of the venue.

No upcoming events at the moment
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If you're looking for tickets for the following showcases, check your class BAND page

Coming Soon​​​

  • SEUSSICAL KIDS (March 17-26)

  • Junior Stars Spring Showcase (April 28)

  • Broadway at the Paramount (May 6)

  • SINGING IN THE RAIN JR (May 12-20)

  • Dream Team Spring Showcase (May 24)

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