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DMR Adventures provides full and partial scholarships to low-income families and those suffering temporary financial hardship. Although DMR Adventures would love to award all applicants, scholarship funds are limited and not all requests can be filled. Scholarships are reviewed as they are received, and an email will be sent to the applicant once reviewed. If approved for financial need, an assessment will be scheduled for new students to verify student placement.


Applicants may submit a copy of their most recent federal tax return, public assistance documentation, free/reduced lunch determination letter or proof of unemployment. 

You may also print this application and submit a scanned copy if you prefer to complete on paper. 


If completing on paper, please email your scanned form and other documents to

Applicant Information:

Have you ever recieved a DMR Adventures scholarship?
Have you previously taken classes at DMR?

Please answer the following questions to better inform us of your scholarship needs.

Scholarship student lives with (if under 18):

Student's household consists of


of them are under 18 years old.

Applicant's annual household income is:

The applicant’s household receives the following government assistance:  (Please check all that apply)

Cash Assistance:
Food Assistance:
Health Assistance:

What amount, if any, are you willing to contribute towards the class(es) and/or camp(s) you are seeking a scholarship for?

Please use the following space to provide any other reasons you or your child are in need of a DMR Adventures scholarship.

I commit to regular class attendance as a scholarship student. I understand that with two consecutive absences I forfeit my scholarship and DMR Adventures will seek another student to fill my space.

Funding for DMR Adventures' Scholarship Program is provided by donations from individuals.

Documentation Submission

Applicants MAY submit one or more of the following:

  1. Federal tax return 

  2. Public assistance documentation

  3. Free/reduced lunch determination letter or proof of unemployment.

Select File
Select File
Select File

It may take up to 60 seconds to fully submit your application.  We appreciate your patience. 

We have received your scholarship application!

An error occurred. Please confirm that all required fields are completed.

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