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Decendants - MT Intensive (3 weeks)

Rising 5th-12th Grades

June 10-June 29

Decendants - MT Intensive (3 weeks)

This summer's musical theatre intensive, featuring Disney's "Descendants: The Musical," promises to be an exciting and dynamic experience for young performers. Here's a detailed summary of the program, which has been expanded to three weeks:

Program: Disney's Descendants: DMR Musical Theatre Intensive.

Theme: Based on the Disney Channel Original Movies, it's a new musical filled with comedy, adventure, and hit songs, focusing on the teenaged children of famous Disney villains and heroes.

Duration: Three weeks.

Intensive Schedule:
Week 1: June 10-14, 9AM-3:00PM.
Week 2: June 17, 18, 20, 21, 9AM-3:00PM (Note: no camp on June 19th).
Week 3: June 24-27, 9AM-3:00PM; June 28, 9AM-8:30 PM (performance at 7:00PM, possible additional performance at 4PM).
Final Performances: Saturday, June 29, at 2PM and 5PM.

Registration Perk: Includes a DMR T-shirt if registered by June 1.

Casting/Audition Session: Required for all participants. Information on casting materials and dates to be communicated via the camp BAND group.

Casting Dates: In-person and virtual casting sessions planned for June 2, 3, and 4.

Cost: Sliding scale fee structure, consistent with most classes and camps offered.

This intensive is an excellent opportunity for young actors to delve into a story that blends classic Disney characters with modern twists. It offers a comprehensive experience in musical theatre, from acting to singing and dancing, culminating in full-scale performances.

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