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Tech Camp Week 5

Rising 5th-10th Grades

July 15-19

Tech Camp Week 5

Camp Name: Technical Theatre Camp Week 5

Eligibility: Students in grades 5th to 10th.

Duration: One week

Dates and Times:
July 15-18, 9AM-3PM, July 19, 9AM-9:00PM.
Performances: Friday, July 19th at 11:30AM, and Shakespeare at 5:00 PM and 7:30PM at the BAC.

Working on the 2--week summer Shakespeare production camp: Romeo & Juliet and helping with Broadway Stars Adventure camp.

Tasks include making and gathering props, fitting and assigning costumes, creating sets, running sound, and collaborating with the stage management team.

Experience: Offers a creative and engaging environment that requires unlimited imagination.

Registration Perk: Includes a DMR T-shirt for those registered by June 1st.

Recommendation: Students are encouraged to participate in all three weeks of the first three tech camps, allowing them to follow the Musical Theatre (MT) Intensive camp from start to finish, experiencing the entire process up to the final production.

This camp is perfect for students interested in the technical side of theater production, offering them a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of a show and understand the comprehensive process of bringing a theatrical performance to life.

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