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"I always like performances at my school, to watch them. Now I know how it feels to be on the stage"

International Neighbors is a local nonprofit that equips refugees with the skills and networks needed to move from surviving to thriving in Charlottesville.  

Survivors from Syria, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Bhutan have been invited by the U.S. Federal Government to begin new lives in Charlottesville, VA.  These remarkable individuals now comprise over 6% of our local population.  They are eager to become invested members of our community- but most struggle to survive in our resource rich town.  

International Neighbors strives to enhance, engage, and empower the people we serve.  Whether connecting a new American to a local individual/family, teaching English to an isolated mother at home, or supporting a child in extracurricular activities, International Neighbors' programs work to integrate and celebrate the Charlottesville community.

DMR Adventures is the community partner that helps us to best meet our mission.  Participating in a performance with their peer group, new Americans from Syria, Bhutan, the Congo, Burundi, Afghanistan and Iraq have cherished roles in a variety of roles. 

"I learned so much and loved to dance on the big Paramount stage....DMR gave me ten days of action this summer, and I would be bored at home otherwise!" 


The confidence that children gain from participating in DMR Adventures is unparalleled.  Learning a script enhances English language skills, being a cast member empowers these participants to collaborate with peers, and performing in front of parents and strangers builds self esteem in adolescents who are better for the experience.  

More Quotes:

"I loved how I knew I was saying the right words....I didn't worry that someone would not understand me."

"The dance we learned is amazing, I will teach it to my family!"

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