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Recycling and Little Mermaid JR

This July we will be putting on an exciting production of Little Mermaid JR! Because I can't do anything the easy way, ever, I've decided to put a fun twist on the classic Disney show. If you have been in Studio C lately, you may have noticed the large bags of recycling we have been stashing in there. No, Melissa and I have not gone crazy, yet. Instead, we want to highlight the importance of recycling by taking all of the recycling DMR produces and creating costume and set pieces; everything from bottle cap necklaces to plastic bag tutus. We are going to get inventive!

Here is how you, a dedicated DMR enthusiast, can help. I am looking for several items to inspire our costume designer, but have some guidelines to ensure a safe and sanitary show.


We will accept CLEAN recycling only. That means rinsing anything that had food in it previously.

We only want recycling that was used, please do not go out and buy us a bunch of new straws as that defeats the purpose of this project, which is to RE-use and RE-purpose.

Items we are looking for:

Pop tabs from aluminum cans

Aluminum cans

Plastic grocery bags

2 liter soda bottles

Plastic rings (I know these are rare now, yay, but just in case)

Plastic utensils

Zip ties

Large plastic containers (laundry detergent size)

The Little Mermaid JR Camp runs July 8-20th. Students 3rd to 12th grade can register here!

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