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Welcome to DMR's New Website (and Blog)!

The new DMR website, designed by myself with the help of Melissa and Celena, is now live! In this blog post, you can find tips to help make the most of your visit.

1. Sign Up!

Some of my favorite features that I added are specifically for students, parents, and staff members. When you visit, you can now create an account for YOU!

When you create an account, click the down arrow next to your profile image:

My Private Sessions:

View, reschedule, or change the private sessions you have booked

Payment Information:

Edit or add the method(s) of payment you prefer to use when booking a private session.

My Account:

Update contact information

Actor Materials:

Upload an updated headshot, resumé, and bio for an upcoming performance.

2. Register

Browsing our camps and classes is now easier with the new Education pages!

You can browse our camps and classes based on the interest of you or your student.

For example, if you are interested in Tech camps, click on the "Tech" button to instantly be directed to our list of tech camps, which include the grade level, camp duration, and other important details. When you are ready to register for a camp, click "Register" to be directed to our registration site.

3. Explore!

The best way to get the most out of visiting our site is to explore at your own leisure! Some other cool new features include:

We hope you enjoy navigating through the new DMR Adventures website!

If you have any trouble accessing any feature of this site, or would like to suggest a new feature, comment below!

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