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7 Reasons Why You Should Do A Theatre Summer Camp At DMR Adventures

by DMR Student, Campbell M.

Hairspray Jr. from DMR Adventure's 2019 Summer Season. Photo by Von Wellington

DMR Adventures offers many fun theatre camps over the summer! They have everything from Legally blonde, and Moana to technical theatre camps and vocal intensives. Even if you have never done theatre before, I guarantee you one of these camps is for you, and here are 7 reasons why!

1. There is something for everyone

Like I said before, there are tons of different camps doing different shows for kindergarteners through twelfth graders. Even if you feel like performing isn’t your thing, we have technical theatre camps too!

2. It will boost your confidence

When you are doing a theatre camp, it is obvious that you will have to speak in front of people, and that might make some people nervous. However, DMR creates a safe environment where students can feel comfortable being themselves and learn from mistakes.

3. You will make tons of friends

Since DMR is such a safe place where people can open up, you will make tons of friends while you all work together to put the show on.

4. You will learn how to work as a team

When you are putting on a show, every single person plays a vital role. There is not just one person that makes the show work, it is everyone. That means that everyone has to work together as one team to make it happen.

5. You get to work with amazing Broadway guest artists

DMR’s staff is filled to the brim with talent. From our locals such as Celena Cox and Xavier Taylor, to some of our past guest artists like Tony Gonzales and Jenny Dinoia, you will learn so much from these incredible artists.

6. Techies can learn all of the behind the scenes magic

From costume and set design to lighting and sound, you will learn how to be the backbone of the show!

7. You will have SO MUCH FUN!

Did I forget to mention that before? Well, I am now. You will have SO MUCH FUN! From your first day to your last, you will go home tired and excited for the next day!

See you there!

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