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Opening Up (Week One)

Week one of summer camps down, only ten more to go! This weeks’ camps were Little Red’s Adventure and The Greatest Showkids Intensive. All of the performances were stellar! Hopefully you got to see at least one!

The morning opened with our Little Red performance at 11:30 AM. The children did amazingly well for having to learn everything in a week! They picked up the choreography quickly, and put their all into the show!

The younger Greatest Showkids group also gave a stellar performance. The vocals sounded beautiful and the group worked together perfectly. You could definitely tell how much work went into the performance.

Our oldest group of kids blew me away. I watched many of our run-throughs during the week. Everyone was so focused and you could tell the immense amount of practice and work that went into the final revue, from all sides. When we had technical difficulties, they kept going. When they were tired, they kept going. They kept beat to music that wasn’t even there. It was incredibly professional, and amazing to watch. The final performance looked just as good- if not better.

I promised funny moments, and I’m here to deliver. Personally, I think one of the funniest moments of this week happened this afternoon. When all the YLPs who were there ended up somewhat impulsively ordering smoothies. Meaning, there were 7 of us out looking at a smoothie menu, taking turns monitoring the students. Yes, they were good. Yes, I adore all the interns for this. Yes, we do owe a lot of money. And yes, it was 100% worth it.

We also ended up making a song based off the sentence, “I have two dogs.” Gotta love testing our get-to-know games!

All-in-all, this week was outstanding! Everyone had amazing performances, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better opening week! Thank you to anyone who participated or supported us in any way this week. Pictures from today’s performances will be out soon on our website/FaceBook!

If you or your child is interested in doing one of our upcoming camps, some still have spaces available. Tune in next week to hear about Mini Greatest Showkids and our Vocal Intensive. We hope to see you around for the rest of the summer!

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